Beginner Here - What is Grey Set?


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Sep 30, 2012
Hi, have seen some mentioning about grey sets.

What does it actually mean?

I've googled it but still unsure.

Some says there is warranty but only from the store while some says the warranty is not valid locally and hence the camera would need to be shipped overseas for repair (if required). Abit confused here.

Sounds risky and I'm trying to avoid getting one.

Do the stores tell you if they selling a "grey" set?

I'm doing some "homework" now before getting a Nikon. Thinking of D600 but still undecided. Not a photographer ...just a family man wanting to try take good pictures of the family. It will be my first ever DSLR.

So first thing first....grey set?

Thank you in advance (constructive comments only please).

Kind rgds.

Sep 27, 2009
In general grey sets are those without the manufacturer's local warranty.

The warranty is usually provided by the shops that sell the grey sets,themselves.
Grey sets are normally cheaper. Assuming if one day the shop that sells you
the grey set has become non existence, and you need repair, then you can
still send to the local authorized service center but just need to pay.

Grey sets are like parallel import sets... Hope the explanation helps...


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Oct 25, 2005
lil red dot
Grey set means parallel import.

Warranty will not be honored by the Camera manufacturer. But the shops selling usually gives warranty.

Price is sometimes significantly cheaper. Sometimes not.

Most stores in Singapore sells local warranty set. Only a few stores sell grey sets. If unsure, be sure to confirm that it is a local warranty set. Also check the warranty paperwork and the items PRIOR to paying. If a shop ask you to pay first prior to showing you the item to check, DO NOT BUY from that store.

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