Bedtime Prayer.

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Dec 10, 2006
Upper Thomson

this is a shot of a holy water holder found in a catholic church.

what made me take this shot was the expression on the angel's face. the intent look of deep and silent prayer. it was shot with b&w film, self developed and scanned.

i'm hoping to get some responses on the:
1) perspective of this shot
2) subject i'm photographing
3) is it a good choice for b&w, and with that, film
4) does the grain in the shot work for you? i love the grain here
5) any other comments

go go go! spam and flame me :bsmilie:

oh, and i'm leaving for cambodia tomorrow till the 24th, so yes, i won't be replying too often, but keep the comments coming.


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Jun 12, 2007
CCK, Yew Tee
hmm. for me. i feel that this photo lacks focus.
yes, there is an obvious subject. but the subject is not really focused properly.
furthermore, this photo looks a tad too grainy.
i feel that theres more to improve.

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