Beauty Portraits: SiSi @ Reflection Rooms (Sexiness From Within!)

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Zeckson Chow

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Mar 1, 2005
Currently in Singapore
I got to know this extremely beautiful and sexy girl from a close friend of mine some time ago. Her name is SiSi. Yes, it sounds like a Chinese name. In fact, it is a Chinese name. Sisi is a mix between Thai and Chinese. As we talked, I came to realize that SiSi is modelling too and she was looking for a good photographer to give her some nice and cool images. When I told her I do portraits and showed my port folio to her, she looked at me and gave me that big sexy smile... Well... You know what comes next!

For some days we were together and we were talking about concepts and ideas, I sort of understood SiSi's character a bit. I was observing her body languages, her expressions, her little actions and her way of speech all the while as I communicated with her about what I had in mind. She accepted it with grace.

We talked about what is sexy and how sexiness is perceived by people. While sexiness often links with revealing of individual's sexuality, which most people do agree, I think that is only 50% correct. What many people don't know is that sexiness often comes from within an individual's personality and character and the way each individual present themselves. My idea for SiSi's shoot was to bring out the charm and sexiness within her joyful character WITHOUT being in pieces of cloths that only cover a small part of the body (you know what).

I did this set of images with my Nikon D80, my AF-S VR DX Zoom-Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G lens and a few flash units. I must say that while I am very satisfied with the outcome of the images and how each image was excuted and processed to obtain this result, I am very pissed with the quality of these images technically. Can you guess what I am pissed with?

Total: 25 images

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