Batch Sorting Un-Dated Photos (scans)

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Oct 23, 2008
I have recently scanned all my old photos (pre-digital days) in an effort to prevent their loss/further deterioration. Now the problem I am facing is how to sort out the photos.

Naturally as they are scanned, there is no exif data (and the date of creation is the date scanned). While these can be manually changed it is still tedious (even though Gallery on Vista allows you to batch change dates, times and filenames, it still requires you to type in the dates and times).

What I am looking for is a program that allows me to drag the photos onto a calendar and re-date the photos that way. Ideally, I should be able to also go down to an individual date and rearrange the photos on that date so the timing order of the photos can also be changed. And then "lock" this information into the creation date or exif of the image.

On picasa, you can arrange the thumbnails in the order that you want, but there is no function to batch change the date, time or filenames in the order which they appear on the screen (have I missed something).

This is a one-off exercise to deal with scanned images as most images from digital cameras will not face such problems.

Has anyone come across anything that does this? Free would be best!

I have explored the following (unless I am missing something) none of them seem to work:-

Microsoft Gallery

Any input would be most appreciated. Thanks.

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