[Baobab Photo] Fireworks Workshop Marina Bay 27 July 7:30pm

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Fireworks Workshop with Baobab Photo

Capture the Singapore skyline lit up in technicolour glory as you learn how to photograph the Fireworks at Marina Bay in the run-up to National Day.

Workshop includes step-by-stop techniques to set up your camera and create the best compositions.

For those who’d like to photograph the fly-by at 6:45pm, your instructor will be on location from 6:30pm so let us know if you’d like to join earlier.

Skills Required: Basic knowledge of Aperture and Shutter Speed Priority modes
Gear Required: DSLR camera (or similar) + Tripod + Ultra Wide-Angle Lens + Cable Release/Remote shutter
Instructor: Susan Richman
Fee: $75
Book Online at Photo Shoot Singapore | Baobab Photo Digital Photography Courses

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