[Baobab Photo] Colonial District Shootout 22 Aug 5:30pm (2.5Hr Class)

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Get hands-on tutoring with Baobab Photo as you capture the city’s Colonial-era iconic buildings located in the Raffles Hotel area. Learn when to use the wide angle and when to use the telephoto lens, how to incorporate people and movement in the shots, and how to shoot in the changing lighting conditions as day turns to night. Your instructor will guide you through controlling aperture, shutter speed, ISO, White Balance, using the tripod, focusing and more.

Skills Required: Basic knowledge of Aperture and Shutter Speed Priority modes

Gear Required: DSLR camera (or similar) + Tripod

Instructor: Karen Lucas

Fee: $100 for 1 x 2.5Hr Class

Book online at http://baobabphoto.com/school/shootouts/
For more info, email karen@baobabphoto.com


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