[Baobab Photo] Beginners Photo Course starts 14 Aug 9am (4x3Hr Classes)

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Still stuck on Auto?

Learn the fundamentals of Digital Photography in four 3-Hour Lessons as you learn creative composition techniques, how to work with light and shadow, essential camera controls and functionality, the difference that lens choice makes, and the best editing tools for rescuing and enhancing your photos.

Between lessons you’ll be given homework exercises so you can practice what you’ve learned and get feedback on your progress.

Lessons comprise both theory and practical exercises in the Studio and Outdoors. Photo classes are limited to ten students to ensure you get the individual attention you need.

Fee: $520
Duration: 4 x 3Hr Lessons
Experience Required: No experience necessary
Gear Required: DSLR Camera or similar (all brands welcome)
Book online at Beginners Photography Course Singapore | Baobab Photo Digital Photography Courses
For more information, e-mail karen@baobabphoto.com

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