Ballhead choosing - Arca Swiss Double Panning Useful?

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Dec 18, 2005
Just had to ask... was looking around for ballheads and i saw the arca swiss z1 has 2 versions - single pan and double pan. The difference is the single pan is like the B1, but the double pan has an extra pan lock just under the camera mount...

and the damage needed for the difference: USD327 (single pan) vs USD448(double pan) (prices from

Is the price difference really worth it? The only use i can think for the double panning is if u take vertical panoramas (or unconventional diagonal/angled panoramas)... and at least for vertical panoramas, it can still be done without the double panning, albeit a little less accurately...

so for a USD120 difference... wad's your take on the 2 ballheads... which one is more worth it?
$327*1.54=504 seems a good price for an arca swiss.. since i know someone in the US who's coming back soon and don't have to pay for delivery... i'm tempted to get it...

alternatively, how much cheaper is a Markins / Kangrinpoche in sg?
and anyone knows if these ballheads are cheaper in china?

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