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Nov 1, 2003
just book a week to bali from jetstar for only $98.

Like to ask ubud area, which place is good to stay for cheap and convenient?

One more question is, I will reaching around 9.40pm at bali airport, will there be any taxi to drive me to ubud at this hour?

also like to ask who going on this period, 8 -13 april 2010 so we can meet up and do some shooting. :)


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Oct 2, 2008
Changi, Singapore
There should be airport transfers but you might have to fork out more than if you arrive earlier. If you're on Free & Easy then you can arrange your accommodation to get an airport transfer.

Enjoy :thumbsup:


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Mar 13, 2008
rainy Singapore
you should just arrange accomodation near to the airport.
Ubud is quite a long way from the airport. Not such a good idea to travel so late at night, though taxis should be plentiful even at that hour.

I stayed at J Boutique hotel in Tuban, which is like 1.5km from the airport or something. I swear I could've jogged it! :)
Next morning I got the car company to pick me up from hotel lobby.


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Feb 17, 2009
Just returned from Bali.
I stayed at champlung sari hotel, not too bad but i think its quite expensive.
Hire a driver to drive you around Bali, because I find the roads confusing and narrow.
Are you only staying in ubud?


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Jan 27, 2009
East Side of the Island
try Kuta or seminyak for your stay which is near Denpasar.

For Ubud you will see more Rice fields and it is also near Volcanic area.

recommend you go Bedagul and Tanah Lot temple..nice place for photo taking.

And not forgetting sunset at Jimbaran which have BBQ seafood.

I just got back from Ubud this afternoon. I can't wait to go back again.

The journey from the Airport to Ubud is about 90 minutes (with moderate traffic conditions). When you get out of the terminal, turn right. There is a taxi counter where you can book at taxi to Ubud. You pay at the counter. You can also decide if you want to take a private taxi ... your choice, but be prepared to bargain and the price may change at the end of the trip. So I'd recommend paying the authorised airport taxi service instead. This will set you back about IDR 200,000 (thereabouts). You can also check if your hotel provides pick-up service (for a fee).

Places to shoot photos? Sunset at Tanah Lot, the Padi fields, the Lakes and the numerous temples.

Around Ubud, prepare to bargain for the items at Ubud Market. Prices can be slashed by more than 50% usually. Mainly craft items. If you want to get more day to day stuff, then it's better at Kuta or Legian.

If you are looking for private tour/driver for the day to bring you around, PM me for the details. He can speak relatively good English and will be able to drive you around in a new car to anywhere. 5hr (half day) or full day tours, even airport transfers. Rates range from IDR300,000 to IDR500,000 or more. Depends on your package.

There is quite a lot of information online, so happy researching for your holiday! I wasn't there for a photo trip, more of a spa and relax holiday. :cool:


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Dec 18, 2005
One more tip, insist only on Blue Bird Group Taxis

The drivers don't get paid by meter but by salary + total meter rates divided by number of drivers. So they don't have incentive to overcharge u.

They have safeguards in place to make sure drivers do not temper meter AND will always switch on meters.

you can go their website first (google blue bird group indonesia) and copy the necessary numbers to call for a taxi.

As for your airport transfer, most hotels will pick you up.

If they don't have pick up, AT THE AIRPORT only go to the COUNTER to ask for a taxi. Don't even think of agreeining with a driver who tout.

I have heard horror stories of such taxi charging RP 250,000 for what is a Rp 75,000 route.


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Sep 18, 2009
It's better to stay in kuta area since it's just 15mins drive from airport..the driver will charge around 20 to 30k
For ubud area,i recommend greenfield hotel,the price is affordable and there's a nice view of paddle rice field in this hotel..
they also provided free transport in ubud area..
In kuta,u could have free and easy trip since kuta area sightseeings are within walking distance
I think it's better to hire a driver to take you around for your first time in bali..unless you are not afriad to drive yourself in bali by renting a car.


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Jul 9, 2007
log into the, you'll find lots of places to stay with very reasonable price. I stayed at Nick's Hidden, a villa style hotel. Nice, clean and quiet in the midst of paddies for a mere USD 15,00. I was lucky when i arrived at Nick's Homestay, the guest extended their stay, so Nick's transferred me to a much better Nick's Hidden ( for the same price. Best service, nice people...(coz they upgrade me :D ). For food i'd recommend you to try Nasi Bali, famous Babi Guling (pork), Bebek Bengil and the Best Ribs at Nuri's Ribs (must try..) in Ubud.

As recommended earlier, for 150,000 IDR to 200,000 IDR go to taxy counter on the left outside the gate, or Taxy from Blue Bird Group. Ignore all touts. Best is to get your hotel provide the pick up that late at night, about the same price for about an hour ride (at that hour, you got all the road for yourself)

Ask your hotel/hostel about renting a car or motorbike. Car rental with driver will set you back for 150,000-200,000 IDR (pls don't forget to pay for your driver's lunch or dinner). If you feels a bit more adventurous, a 50,000 IDR for a motorbike is much more fun with a map in tow (ask abt insurance to protect you from losing the bike, abt 50,000 IDR more for one time payment). I rode the bike all the way to Tanah lot and Besakih Temple...(wear long sleeve and put your sun protection lotion if you don't want to get burn)

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