bakzhang season (rice dumpling)

Which flavour you like the most?

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May 10, 2004
best flavour for bah zhang.... is D100 a flavour? ;p :bsmilie:


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Nov 14, 2002
Gymrat76 said:
best flavour for bah zhang.... is D100 a flavour? ;p :bsmilie:
how about D2-Axe flavour ;p

Got trinity Ba zhang or not? ;p :think:

for those having monday blue syndrome, come and eat bak zhang...

by the way, there is some dumpling fest at China Town Far east square pavilion going on, maybe can drop by there to take a look and buy bakzhang. Got performance also, can take some photo.

I am going there today evening after work. anyone?


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Apr 28, 2004
definitely Nonya zhang...made by mom! :thumbsup: :D


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Jul 24, 2002
Planet Eropagnis
Hmm... Any kind of bak zhang is fine with me. I dun have special preferences. Can go down stomach can liao.

Delicacies are wasted on me. :)

seems like still the nonya bakzhang is the most liked among here....

anyway, if anyone interested, i went down the far east square paviliontoday and their nonya is really damn nice, and big also, for the price of $2 i think that is worth it.

They are selling to raise fund. The Rice of Life event is a community project organized by Arts INC in support of the Home Nursing Foundation

Can post MO for Bakzhang at Consumer Corner? :bsmilie:

1) Nomal Hokkien Bakzhang
2) NoNya Zhang
3) Cantonese Zhang (green bean paste)
4) Teochew Zhang (with Ginko nuts and Cheshew nut)
5) Kee Zhang (the yellow one)
6) Chicken Zhang
7) other zhang


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Aug 19, 2004
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I just had 2 nonya zhangs too. I can die a happy man. What simple pleasures! :sweatsm:

i can conduct MO if you guys want really...but how leh? Cant post in Consumer corner also rite...

hmm...who want PM me lo...flavour as stated.

The Dumpling is from "Daun Pandan", they got quite a lot of branches around SG.
The stall at Far East Square is currently raising fund for the House Nursing Fund(HNF). I was one of the helper last time so helping them to advertise now.

You can go down there yourself also to choose your own "zhang".

the normal hokkien and nonya is $2, cantonese and Teochew is $2.40 and Chicken bakzhang is $2.20. The bakzhang is really big size and nice to eat.

i cant guarentee the price to be as low on thursday onward cos nearer to the festival. That is what the stall seller told me.

If anyone really order thru me, i don mind helping to bring to Raffles Hall Mrt to meet you for your convenience(since it is quite near). Interested can msg me at 94565639

Helping out here. Hope no banal talk. Thanks!

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