Bako National Park, Sarawak, Borneo 12th-16th April

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Hi people,

was wondering if anyone interested to go to Bako National park, Sarawaak, Borneo? Main objective there is to trek and shoot the rare proboscis monkey and silver leaf monkey. Was there a month back and now am going back again :)

Due to a person backing out... right now there's only two person going for the trip... we would need 1 or 2 more people to balance out the cost of accom etc....

trip date is 12th April to 16th April. I know this is very last minute, but if there are people who wants to go, we can postpone it or work out something... so let me know asap.



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Aug 31, 2002
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For those who enjoy nature, Bako is a good place to visit. Here are a few images to illustrate the immense photo opportunities possible at Bako ...

#1 Silver-Leafed Monkey

#2 Proboscis Monkey

#3 Island scenery

#4 Low Tide

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