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Oct 8, 2009
Hi all, please be careful when dealing with this guy.

Nick: kingofthemonster
name: sj
Phone: 97425306

Contacted him about the Sony a100 that he posted here last week, and he confirm that it is still available. Few days later, he msg me to propose a quick deal at his price, and i agreed. However, he said he has reservist the whole week, and i agreed to wait for him. So, last week, he asked if i could meet him at Little India, his working location, he set the time and venue and I agreed also.

In the meanwhile, thinking it is a close deal, I went to get a flash hotshoe adapter to fit my minolta flash, and he even agreed to give me a 10 bucks off. I thought: "what a nice guy"

So this guy turn into an nightmare today. I msged him in the morning to confirm the meeting time but he replied that he is NOT SELLING ANYMORE! And worst, he keep saying he has a change of plan suddenly, THEN WHY POST THE FREAKING CAM HERE? TEST MARKET?

He wasted my time and energy as I could have settled for other alternative last week, and now i'm camera-less for my holiday trip tomorrow, with a useless hotshoe adapter! waste money also. damn ...

So new guys out there, becareful of bad sellers.:devil:


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Dec 4, 2004
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Get used to this... happens now and then, not saying whose right or wrong sometimes these things happen. Naturally, you feel pissed.. time wasted etc... but sometimes people do change their minds. Good that you posted his nick so at least he can't try that again, well not so soon at least.



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Dec 16, 2005
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The TS is too trusting.. to assume that it is a closed deal and even bought accessories for it.

What if the condition of the item is not as stated? For e.g. Cracked LCD, whatever? How can it be a confirmed deal when the items is not inspected for defects yet? Even if the seller is sincere in selling, the item may not meet the buyer's expectation and the deal may not close in the end.. Before inspection of the item, it's too early to assume anything..

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