Back Breaking at Fort Canning!!

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Aug 11, 2004

Hello all, after dslang's successful kung fu fighting post, my friend and I got interested in parkour and we decided to hit Fort Canning for a first time attempt at some basic moves.

I find it very hard to capture sharp images of fast moving people as the pre-focussing is very hard to determine where exactly the person will fly. Had to try many times before a certain composition was reached but then the focus would be off and vice versa.

Anyway, hope you guys like it and all comments/opinions are more than welcome!

Ah Pao

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Nov 7, 2003
Gosu_John said:
Liked this best. Gives a very "kung-fu" feeling.
So possible improvements:​
  1. Maybe can ask your model to take off his hat so that we can see his facial expression...that will add to the picture and 'talk' more to the viewers.​
  2. Select maybe 1/2 or 1-stop shutter speed slower to induce more movement blur to give a greaters sense of movement.​
  3. You mentioned difficulty in getting sharp pics; maybe can try a smaller aperture so that you have a deeper DOF.​


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Sep 22, 2004
Cons digger.
i would have preferred frozen shots with shutters at 1/500 or faster even.

one way to pre-focus is to rehearse. get your subject to execute his movement at the same spot everytime. Then you can just prefocus at this point. Else there's always AI-servo or AF-C :D


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Jul 14, 2005
hey. wow, i've inspired work *shock*

anyway, prefocusing just takes practise really... a good way is ask your model to stand at the spot where he's going to be, prefocus, then get him to do his thing. i almost always shoot at very low F-stops to get the background blurred out nicely and so i'm able to use fast shutters.

the other thing you could do is find more creative angles. take steps back and not focus on the person only but also his surroundings and how he interacts with them. a good example is the handstand one, it's just him doing a handstand. but if you took a few steps back and shot the scenery with him somewhere along the rule of thirds, you'd have a guy doing a handstand and also the scenery around him and how he's reacting with his environment. is a good start, although i'm not so fond of kiell's inability to hold his horizon's flat in his pics, but it creates a very dynamic effect.

good try tho. go shoot some urban too! natural pk is impossible to shoot, to say the least


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Apr 14, 2005
Compassvale Lane
Maybe get the camera to be at single point focus & aim at that spot where the guy will jump, like tat pre focus will be faster right? Hence image will be more likely sharp? Correct me if i'm wrong, coz i'm quite a newbie myself...

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