B&H Photo video & Cinestill DF96


Apr 5, 2009
Hi guys i need some inputs regarding the above. I've read that, in the past, b&hphotovideo.com had been reliable. However as of late (2017 onwards) they seem to be getting a lot of negative reviews on google/other review sites. Are they still as reliable? Is service recovery/customer service still ok for SG?

I've noticed that a rep from b&hphotovideo was around on clubsnap but the user account has since been deleted.

I plan to buy a few items from that site for film photography and development. One if which is the Cinestill DF96. Has anyone tried bringing it into sg? any restrictions? also, i plan to use it with kentmere/arista edu ultra/formapan 400. does anyone have any experience with the film+developer combination? happen to have any sample results to share?

Thanks in Advanced.

(i would normally visit our local brick and motar shops. but they seem to be low on stocks recently/dont have everything i need. thus i intend to 1 shot get all from overseas to make full use of the shipping cost)

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