AWARE Beauty Redefined Photo Competition

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Sep 11, 2008
Hi Photo Lovers,

AWARE (Association of Women for Action & Research) is currently hosting a photo competition to challenge convetional, limited definitions of beauty. We're asking budding photographers like yourselves to take photos of people that are beautiful in creative and new ways.

This is a great chance to help improve the self-esteems of young women and men in Singapore, gain national recogition for your photo skills, and win prizes. Join us in redefining beauty for the better by submitting your photos before September 30.

Thanks! More info below.

Stop being defined. Start redefining!
AWARE launches the Beauty Redefined Photo Competition.

What is Beauty? We want your views!

1 in 2 Singaporean teens believe they are too fat. 8 in 10 want to change the way they look. 1 in 5 would consider plastic surgery.* Why? Because our society narrowly defines what is considered beautiful with 24/7 advertising, digitally-altered photographs, and models that represent 1% of the human race.

AWARE challenges budding photographers to expand society's limited definition of beauty by taking your own photographs of beautiful people and submitting them to AWARE. Creative, new interpretations of beauty are encouraged. A 100-word statement about why the person featured is beautiful should accompany each entry.

Top entries will be featured in the AWARE Beauty Redefined Travelling Photo Exhibition at the public libraries, in a Zo Cards campaign, and in the AWARE 2009 calendar. Prizes for top photographers.

Download competition details here.

Send in your photos now!

* Singapore Medical Journal

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