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May 27, 2002
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Avatar usage

1. To build brand recognition, so you want to have your own personal
brand to say something about you.

2. You want what others to think what about you.

3. Is your avatar consistent everywhere?

4. Is your avator (icon or photo) easy to remember?

5. Did you keep the details to the minimum?

6. Did you use high contrast?

7. Is your avatar memorable and unique in a way that people
will recognize it easily?

8. Did you unknowingly screwed up trying to make people
to find out what your avatar is all about?

9. You use a close up of your face because you believe sex sells.

10. You use colours to say that you are hot!

11. Did you use a theme/logo to show your concept about life?

12. Have you thought of building trusts amongst your
networks and readers

13. You simply use an avatar because there are thousands of
people with the same name/nick as you are.

14. You hate pictures of yourself so you decided to use
logos instead or other people's pictures.

15. Did you find out that there is such a thing call "MyAvatar plugin"?

16. You change your avatar because you want to change your strategy.

17. You change your logo to a picture of yourself because you
want to be identified as a person.

18. You use a photo or a unique icon because you want to distinguish
yourself from other commenters.

19. You use your avatar to brand yourself in all the comments
you leave behind so that people will hate you.

20. Last but not least your avatar allows you to hang around with
folks who want to converse with you intelligently.

Would like to hear if you have any other reasons for using your avatar. ;):heart:

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