authorised dealers haf more power than brand?!

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Dec 8, 2003
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to sell higher than released price?

it happened 2day in a reputable shop in sls.
name starts with A.

i called nikon 1st for price then A shop.
aft i told the guy on phone tt nikon gave lower price, he gave price lower than nikon's.

after i went there, a guy said cant be & gave back e higher price mentioned on phone.
i angrily told him to find the 1 who ansed but he cant find.
he said no1 ansed. i think he was the 1.
i asked him to call nikon if he dun belief.
he proclaimed he has more power than brand to make decisions since he is authorised dealer.

aft some argument, then he took out a folder with nikon pricelist.
he had nth to say aft i pointed out the price.but he added gst later.
i tot price oledi included.anyway it's only $1 more.
he even said things like sg is duty free or watever.
i was confused.

i learnt to ask name of call receiver in future.
though i got the thing lower than nikon's price, i was still pissed off.
b4 i left, i told him i reported a shop name with D in sls which is selling even higher to nikon & they will take action.

he better rethinks who has more power.

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