Audio help: Speakers and subwoofer compability.


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Feb 9, 2009
Fratton Park, Portsmouth
Hey guys. I know there are a few audiophiles lurking around CS. Hope you guys could help me. I'm currently using an Edifier speaker and subwoofer. One side of the speaker is blown.The subwoofer is still working perfectly. The plug that is connecting the speaker to the subwoofer is one of those normal speakers jack. (3.5mm? Not sure)

Just wondering, if I could just buy the speakers itself and then connect it to the subwoofer that I have, would that be a problem? Like the Walts and all that stuff.

And if it's fine, what kind of speakers would you recommend? I play a lot of House, Dubstep and Hip-Hop. My budget is around 30-50 bucks. Any models in specific?

My priority is that the speakers are clear. The bass, I'll leave it to the subwoofer.

Does shops like challenger sell their good speakers by itself without the subwoofer?

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