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Good Day Fellow C'sers!

This Caleb here from Touch Singapore.

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Just like you guys I started out as a hobbyist new 8 years ago and today with a passionate team, we operate in 4 Cities, Singapore, Bali, Paris and Iceland, photographing full time for high key events for our president and ministers as well as travelling the world for shoots.

The secret is in having good Online and Offline mentors.

Whether you are a student, working professional, hobbyist or full time photographer in the following niche, we can help bring that to the next level. We've partnered international full time photographers to bring you a comprehensive learning experience both Offline(Batch 2 Open) and Online (Launching on Dec 15)

Niches We Mentor You In (Choose any 2)
1. Landscape
2. Street Photography
3. Macro
3. Portraiture (Real On-The-Job Opportunities)
5. Products (Real On-The-Job Opportunities)
6. Corporate & Events (Real On-The-Job Opportunities)
7. Wedding photography (Real On-The-Job Opportunities)
8. Fashion (Real On-The-Job Opportunities)

Protouch Mentorship Programme (Batch 2) $5,800
Limited to Only 8 Mentees at one time.

By The End Of This Programme, You Will Be Able To...
1. Be equipped to start your own photography business with the possibility of joining the Touch Team made up of Batch 1 Graduates.
2. Depending on your niche, start earning as a photographer or earn more if you are a current freelancer.
3. Create, layout, design and print your own albums. We will link you up with the vendors we work with.
4. Design your own photography pricelist and packages. We provide you templates and advise you from start to end.
5. Become an expert at Lightroom Editing Suite. Bringing out the beauty in any image.
6. Run your own marketing campaign, generating new clients and creating your own clientele
7. Learn proven techniques to generate customer loyalty with business referrals.
8. Join our inner circle and be introduced to the same network of business owners where we get photography business referrals from.
10. Learn how to lead, guide and grow your own team.
11. Take your Photography to the next level. Whether you are a current full timer or just a hobbyist

You Will Receive...
1. 12 Weeks of On-The-Job training and Mentoring (Physical meetups, Online, Phone, On-The-Job Trainings)
2. 8 Sessions of Intensive Lightroom Editing Suite Training 120 Minutes/ Session
3. Your Own Album Creation Software + hands on guidance via meetup to design your first album.
4. Real Linkup with suppliers to partner for your photography business success.
5. Real Network of Business Owners Ready To Give you Photography Referrals (If you are proven reliable)
6. Ultimate Photography Business Tool Kit for Marketing Success(worth $2,980)
- Linkedin Marketing Course (Step-by-Step Guide + Video Training)
- Facebook Marketing Course (Step-by-Step Guide + Video Training)
- Email Marketing Course (Step-by-Step Guide + Video Training)
- Instagram Marketing Course (Step-by-Step Guide + Video Training)
- Photography Portfolio Site Template
- Email and Followup Templates which we use to generate maximum conversions.
- Name card Design Templates
- Price List Marketing Templates
7. Lifetime - Ask Me Anything (AMA) access to our photography business.

Bonus Package Upon Approval of Your Application

1. Ultimate Protouch Preset Bundle - 9 Volumes of more than 500 Powerful Lightroom Presets for ANY niche ($2,077 - Yours FREE)
2. Lifetime Membership to - The Photography University with access to Insider Tutorials by International Photographers when we launch it coming 2017 January. (otherwise $127/mth)

This course is suitable for.
1. Hobbyist
2. Current Freelancer or Full Timers
3. Commited and determined individuals who are willing to put in the hours and to turn a hobby into a career.

8 Weeks Hands-on Coaching which includes...
8 Weekday Afternoons or Evenings (Lightroom Editing Coaching 1 - 1)
4 Weekend 8 Hours/Day On-The-Job Training
At least 2 On-The-Job Training

How Do I Apply?
Drop us a mail with your resume, portfolio link, a paragraph of why you think you are the best fit for our programme. We regret only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

In the mean time, remember to download your FREE LIGHTROOM PRESETS and Photography Ebook Giveaway - 101 Tips All Pro-Photographers Already Know as a way of celebrating your love for photography. Sharing is caring!
FREE Presets & Photography EBook

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Caleb Leng
Touch Singapore

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