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Attention to all members posting threads on TFCD/free/'volunteer' services

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Sep 27, 2004
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Attention all members who posting threads regarding TFCD matters here.

Definition of TFCD

- TFCD is collaboration working term for photographers, models, makeup artists and stylists to crate portfolio worthy images, gaining experiences.

- The images are for portfolio usage only, not for use in commercial in anyway unless the other party/parties being compensate accordingly.

- TFCD is for one (photographer) to one (model)* basis only, Group TFCD (more than one photographer) is not allowed here.
*(unless the theme is calling for multiple models in the photos)

- Since it is for creating worthy images, both parties should be competent enough to deliver what is intended before start offering your services to others.

Threads on TFCD matter

- Photographers offering TFCD in a regular basis, should post in photography service directory. Threads posted wrongly will be moved or deleted.

- Models/makeup artist/stylist offering TFCD in a regular basis, should post in modeling services directory. Threads posted wrongly will be moved or deleted.

- Threads requesting photographers providing photography service, models provide modeling services, makeup artist provide makeup services in TFCD term, must contains sufficient information like, name, contacts, purpose, date/range of dates, mode of compensation and sample of works. Threads without adequate information, or too vague will be deleted.

- Threads requesting photographers providing photography service in TFCD term for birthday party, anniversary celebration, ROM, weddings, private events etc, or from any business entities and commercial purpose, eg, blog shop, product launch, DnD will be deleted.

Whether you are old or new members, you will be treated equally.

Clubsnap layout these rules is to preventing our members being exploited, we hope our own members able to understand this.

Existing threads do not complying the rules will be moved or deleted accordingly.


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Dec 18, 2003
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it has been noted that there is an increasing number of people asking for free services under the guise of 'charity'... especially events that are organised by big corporations and attended by big shots.

it is our belief that photographers should not be taken advantage of and work for free. hence, unless the post is pre-approved by our Admins, all such free service wanted threads will be summarily deleted. while we cannot stop wannabe photographers who want to give away their work for free (it is a free market, after all), we would not want to encourage this practice here.

and, as a parting note, wannabe photographers should read this.

Professional Photographers | Reasons Why Photographers Cannot Work for Free

and this


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