ASTRONOMY2008: An Astronomy and Astrophotography Event in Singapore!

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On behalf of SINGASTRO, the largest online astronomy forum in Singapore, I am pleased to invite you to attend ASTRONOMY 2008 which is to be held at the Singapore Art Museum (The Glass Hall) in Singapore on the 16th of August, 2008 (Saturday). ASTRONOMY 2008 is a full-day astronomy event and open to public (free admission) from the hours of 10AM to 5PM. This event will feature a series of astronomy talks ranging from astrophysics theories to practical astronomy, and even an interactive workshop on astronomy imaging. There will also be poster exhibits that will enlighten attendees on astronomy topics such as the Solar System, to Deep Sky objects. The attendees will also be treated to a collection of original astronomy images captured by our local budding astrophotographers and around South East Asia. Other interesting activities include a documentary screening on cosmology, instant lucky draws, sun-gazing (viewing of the Sun with specialized telescope instruments in Hydrogen Alpha, expect to see flares and prominences on the sun!), the opportunity to view the largest private-based telescope in South East Asia (bigger than the one at the Science Center Observatory!), and many more!

For more information on ASTRONOMY 2008, please visit:

This event is brought to you by SINGASTRO.

Event sponsors:
Singapore National Academy of Sciences,
Institute of Physics Singapore
Public Utilities Board

We look forward to your attendance!

A2008 Chair

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