Astin Model Shoot #95 - Outdoor, Casual, Jul 18

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Mar 2, 2002
Astin Studio
Hi, I am back! Will organize a outdoor photo shoot on Jul 18, 2004, Sunday afternoon. If you are interested to join, pm or email or sms me. If you want to see model photo, pls pm or email me. (Model does not want photos posting on forum. New members pls also identify yourselves.)

Date : Jul 18 (Sunday)
Time : 2pm-5pm++
Location : Outdoor (confirmed location later)
Cost : $60 per photog per shoot
Ratio : 5 photogs to 1 model (max 5, smaller ratio this time)
- Model photo available on request, no posting on forum.
- Model would have min 2 sets of clothing. (casual clothing, eg T-shirt, short pants, mini skirt, boots, heels)
- This is a group shoot. Theoretically there are about 3 hours shooting time, with some time for resting and changing clothes.
- Participants will direct the model to pose, I will also give some pointers/ideas if required.

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