Astin Model Shoot #108 - Newbie Studio Workshop, Sat Jan 29

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Mar 2, 2002
Astin Studio
Hi, once again, I will organize a model shoot studio workshop session for newbie. The model is Tessa. If you are interested to join, pm or email or sms me. (Pls check your camera, minimum requirement is a camera with hotshoe and manual exposure mode M mode).

This workshop is for complete studio newbie, we will explain basic studio shooting skill, and will spend time to set up the light together.

1. Studio equipment handling (abt 1-1.5hr) - How to handle individual equipment eg studio light, softbox, snoot, lightmeter etc.
2. Basic lighting setup (abt 1-1.5hr) - How to set up light equipment and measure light (front light, side light, backlight, hairlight etc)
3. Model posing (abt 0.5hr) - How to pose models and shoot in different style

Date : Jan 29, 2005 (Saturday)
Time : 2pm-6pm
Location : Loyang studio
Clothing : casual
Cost : $60 each (max 8 photogs; note max 8 this round)

This is sample photos of Tessa.

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