Asking advises + Inviting partners to join bali trip (21-26 Jun)

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Nov 29, 2005
There's already two in the group, and tickets already bought, so trip will progressed whether or not any more will join. but kind of thought that having 2 more partners might make it more interesting (schedule flexible need not be tight, can also go separate along the way).

i'm flying via jetstar leaving on 21st Jun (thurs evening) and returning 26th Jun (tues midnight going onto weds). main shots will be the purah tanah lot and the temples in south bali, maybe some beach too. locations not planned yet but open to advises.


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Mar 26, 2005
East of Singapore
How about the padi fields near the entrance to Tulamben? There is a field of cotton trees in Tulamben beside Tulamben Wreck Divers, you can also have a nice view of Mt Agung from Tulamben, during sunrise when the sky is clear, you can see Lombok from Tulamben.


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Nov 29, 2005
zerodivine, sorry for the late entry as i just bought the new edition of lonely planet. i post here as my pm usually swell up fast, and to share and get more information for the rest, i post them openly. if you have anything in private to say, can always email me at

i got a pretty short plan at the moment becos i would like to hear some advices from others, especially to finalised on the locations and to see on whether it could be better planned.

it seems that there are a lot of locations that is nice, or 5 days can't fit in all. in fact, i think we are packing quite tightly as i'm not sure how easy and hassle free is transport there. my main concern is transport, as our important hours are usually in the early morning and evening and accomodation is best planned by that in consideration, i.e. walk out in the morning can start shooting already, check in during late afternoon, rest before shooting in evening. which is why i consider staying at multiple locations, but for purah tanah lot, i wonder if we can stay nearby instead of at the location. if we stay at PTL, we can avoid all traffic jam and concentrate on the area. but if we stay elsewhere and making trips to PTL, we can have better chances of getting more variety.

i'm not good at haggling with bemos, so the other option is taxi or booking for whole day which my sister had done before (something like US$125 for 5 days, but she did not have the contact) and a couple of guys had done. we could have done it much cheaper if we just take metered taxis over short distances (unless you want to take long rides over multiple far places in a day, booking transport offer ease and become slightly more economical too but not probably not cheaper). for exploration, walking + short taxis in the area or short excursions are probably better and cheaper.

main location planning
main aim: purah tanah lot
main loitering area: ubud
plenty of other options other than tumbalen, such as lovina (dolphin watching) in the north or the lakes in the middle mountaineous area. we can be flexible with the option as ubud is relatively central in the east.

ubud - optional place (maybe tumbalen) - purah tanah lot (PTL) - beach area in the south ending in dinner at jimbaran

issues and cost
transport: tourist bus for long distance, metered cab for town, KIV bemos when required. will only plan more when route is planned.
accomodation: probably will book only for ubud (1st two nite), budget at S$15-40 per double room per day. i'm travelling with my mum and she will be sharing the room with me, adding a bed for double or getting a room for three is not a problem, or if not, you may consider a separate room (see if the 4th person would join)

cost: see below from behyx
and rough estimation
flight/tax - less than $300 (not sure of the rate now)
transport - $50-$100
accomdation - $100 - $250
food - $100
bali is likely a place that we can go as cheap as we want, but for safety, ease and little comfort, we can go a bit higher with an overestimation as above $500-700 overall. cost is best cut down on accomodation and transport.

quoted from behyx in 2005

"To those who thought Bali is just another expensive touristy island fill with countless spa and posh hotels, well you might be wrong! Oh, did i mention that i spent only less than S$200 in my 10 days there?

Accomodation for 1 night + breakfast : highest i paid is S$7
Nasi goreng in a clean restaurant: around S$1.50 to 2
Seafood (tuna, squid, snapper): S$2.50 a plate
Hot wood oven baked medium size pizza: S$3.50 (!!)
Beer: S$2 for a large Bir Bintang.

Not forgetting the many friendly Balinese people, some even ride me around with a motorbike for free! I just paid for his meals and patrol (merely S$2 for a whole day of ride) that's all!

The tip is, get out of the posh hotels and stay at those losmen (affordable accomodations), hang around on the street and mingle around with locals! But of course, I always trust my Lonely Planet travel guidebook most! And whatever that's not listed in the book, use your instinct. "

duration for each location
ubud: 2N, 1.5D
tumbalen: 1N, 1D (leave early probably at noon)
PTL + short outings: 1N, 1D or more
beach locations: 1N, 1D (could be more or could be less)
if you dun mind staying back alone, you can also spend 2 days more (jetstar alternative day flights).
Galungan falls on the 27th june, but too bad i check out too late and have already bought my tickets. leave also can't changed that much.

21st Jun (thurs)
taking jetstar, 705pm to 935pm, we can take a airport cab to ubud at abt S$30 (there's cheaper ways, but so late at night, dun mind spending a but more), we'll rest

22nd Jun (fri)
ubud, whole day.
we are doing walking most of the time, maybe short distances cabs
places undecided but heard there is a lot there
main aim: cultural centre of bali, streets, performances

23rd Jun (sat)

ubud, am
somewhere in the late morning or early afternoon, leave for tumbalen
late afternoon KIV.
evening tumbalen shoot the shipwreck of the US liberty

24th Jun (sun)
sunrise at tumbalen (maybe again at the shipwreck)
visit as what sunfish suggest above
leave in midday to the south, maybe directly to pura tanah lot (PTL) or somewhere near it, e.g. seminyak
evening join the crowd to shoot PTL (need to reach early to avoid pre-sunset traffic)

25th Jun (mon)
shoot PTL in the early morning
shoot around that area (not sure other than the temple is the walking area around good to explore) or travel via cabs to nearby region or to the southern part with plenty of choices (maybe midday shots of pura luhur ulu watu or seeing how the denpasar arts festival goes)

if we are happy with first two occasions, no need to stay over for the evening, can leave straight to jimbaran or seminyak
contingency: evening return to PTL again to shoot the temple (in case 1st two timing is bad weather), by nightfall may have to stay over if traffic out is difficult.

26th Jun (tues)
we are likely to wake up at jimbaran or seminyak, it is going to relaxed pace like any other fellow tourists then. seminyak is great for restaurants and is like a continuation of kuta while jimbaran is good for seafood but the place is smaller, quieter and facility of accmodation is limited
aim for crabs in the open at jimbaran for dinner,
and return to airport nearby flying off at 1015pm


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May 17, 2007
Singapore, Melaka
Ahh.. Beautiful Bali! Only spend 2 half days extending from a company kickoff (Feb 07), so let you the little i know (ended up more partying then phototaking...)

Tanah Lot (no real beach but further 200m south from where w.s. took his shots, there is a nice arch) is nice but you should spend another of your evening at Uluwatu for their Kecak dance there, think they have daily performance that starts at sunset as the backdrop. Staying at Tanah Lot is probably not a good idea given your short time. Sunrise wise, they put us up at Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel (map) and the one morning up at 5am (after only 2 hours sleep) still intoxicated, and found the beach (within 200m) pretty nice (the place is otherwise dead) i.e. provides a good alternative to kuta / seminyak with the huts and view of Mount Agung as seen here AND what i though was a MUST, fisherman but requires you to go up to waist in the water. The beach near Kuta / Seminyak is brimming with life, stay in between (maybe near Double Six) while Nusa Dua is considered to have the best beach (there is even a bvlgari resort somewhere there, very atas place...)

Ubud is the culture haven with a photo gallery (not bad but more than just Bali) near the 'babi guling' near the Ubud palace but ironically, i didn't find many pictures there. I think they train traditional dance at Ubud palace (not sure of time). Kecak (similar to Extra Joss tv advert with Ronaldo) is the best dance while 'Barung' (not exactly sure of spelling) is quite boring. Look out for more dance performance because their costume is quite elaborate. If you consider DVDs to be culture, then they have some huge nice shops opposite Central (or Centre).

Terraced padi fields north (i think) of Ubud is Jatiluweh which is ok but i think it was due more to the fact that the weather was dull (and stage of padi maturity). If you want then maybe you could do ONE day, with a driver to take you through the distance with Mount Batur as a possible destination, some waterfall somewhere there and a nice temple where hindus go there take a cleansing bath (where Suharto has his private residence). Most of the other 'sites' are really so so only, you'd have to go much further north for better stuff; also, the 'fake' island / beach at Hard Rock Hotel is quite cool actually. I hope to go back again to explore more landscape.

AND the nightlife... OUTSTANDING...

Your trip is short, biggest consideration would be transportation (especially since taxis tend to take a longer route to the shortest distance, and bad traffic happens quite often). My ride was a guide cum driver (damn old van without aircon) but i can't seem to locate his contact for now for less than RP400K (including some story telling) for whole day.

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