Asking advice for Delhi to Ladakh: Jun 5-19

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Nov 29, 2005
Didn't notice the old thread expired.

Inputs are gladly welcomed.
please post here or email me at please do not pm me. thanks.

About the place
Ladakh is also called little tibet. it is in northwest india, next to kashmir, but is so far safe from armed conflicts. local permits are required and a few near to border locations will turn back any group smaller than 4. further information abt ladark can be googled. one of the links provided by elias601, another member of the group, show some stock photo in ladakh. temp in these location is about -3 to 20 (est for summer in leh, as usual dep. on attitude/time of day). attitude is about 2000 to 5000m. weather situation as usual is still a factor due to snow, but the roads are opened since May and should be ok.

About the group
It is a co-planned trip. Our group consist of 4 males and 1 female, and set to go, not pending more people to join then to go but we can take 3 more people in jeep. The dates and the area are fixed after discussion of availability of the group, but others are welcome to join if you like (within this stated period in flight details below); of cos flexibility to backpacking and photography is required. As some in my group have not backpacked before, we are not going for a rough trip, but it is relatively a budget (some moderate luxury in transport/accomodation/food may give way) kind of free and easy trip, with some of the arrangement made impromptu and insitu. There will also not be any trekking other than at most day/short easy treks.

About the itinerary
Generally we will leave delhi airport directly by land through himachal pradesh on the way to leh in ladakh. return trip will be by domestic flight back on 17th 6am. Leh looks something like this and some of the locations that we may be visiting somewhere from leh is for example like nubra valley.

About the pertinents - tickets and cost
The budget tickets are getting sold rapidly, so pricing here may not be the same. We got the tickets already. It cost $950 for SQ, flying off 5th evening and reaching sg 19th morning. overall cost probably abt 2k and hopefully not more, as chartered transport is about S$150 per pax estimated.



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Nov 29, 2005
Have been reading quite many but how is the following itinerary?

Delhi to Manali
Jun 5, 10pm arrive at Delhi airport, 11pm leave airport direct to manali via pre-arranged transport
Jun 5 stay overnite in jeep

Delhi to Manali
Jun 6, abt 6am, passing by Chandigrah
Jun 6, abt 4pm, arriving at manali (est 14-17hrs)
Jun 6 stay over manali (maybe sunshine guesthouse)

Jun 7, am, old manali
Jun 7, noon, tibetan colony
Jun 7, pm, vashist
Jun 7 stay over manali

Manali to Keylong
Jun 8, am, forest reserve
Jun 8, noon, travel from manali to keylong (est 6hrs)
Jun 8, abt 4pm, arriving at keylong
Jun 8, evening, Keylong village
Jun 8, stay over keylong (maybe tashi deleg gh)
acclimitization day 1

Keylong to Sarchu
Jun 9, am, jeep + trek to shashur or khardung gompa
Jun 9, noon, travel from keylong to sarchu (est 6hrs)
Jun 9, abt 6pm, arriving at sarchu
Jun 9, stay over sarchu tents
acclimitization day 2

Sarchu to Leh
Jun 10, am, travel from sarchu to leh (3445m/est 12hrs)
Jun 10, abt 7pm, arriving at leh
Jun 10, stay near leh old town and palace
acclimitization day 3

Jun 11 buffer day. rest or walk around in leh old town, KIV visit shanti gompa in evening if everyone's well
acclimitization day 4

Leh to Hunder
Jun 12, am, KIV visit Namgyal Tsemo gompa next to the old town if everyone's well
Jun 12, est 8am-5pm leh to hunder (est 8hrs)
Jun 12, evening, landscape at hunder
Jun 12, stay over at hunder (maybe snow leopard gh).

Jun 13, hunder and diskrit

Hunder to Leh
Jun 14, am, landscape at hunder
Jun 14, est 10am-6pm arrive back to leh
Jun 14, stay over at leh

Leh - Thiksey - Hemis - Tangste
Jun 15, am, thiksey (3370m/0.5hr)
Jun 15, late morning, hemis (thiksey-hemis est 1hr)
Jun 15, noon, hemis to Chang La(5183m/2.5hr) and tangste(3810m/1.5hr)
Jun 15, evening, KIV vist Lungkung (4300m) and Pangong tso
Jun 15, stay over tangste

Tangste - Pangong Tso - Leh
Jun 16, am, tangste to pangong tso (4300m/1.5hr) and Spangmik(4242m/0.5hr)
Jun 16, pm, return to shey (0.5hr) and leh (5.5hr)
Jun 16, stay over leh

Leh - Delhi - Agra
Jun 17, 6am, leave leh by flight
Jun 17, morning, leave delhi to agra

Agra - Delhi
Jun 18, morning, leave agra to delhi
Jun 18, leave delhi at night.

Will add in more details later. Please advise.


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Apr 27, 2008
bro, going at june?? it's hot like hell down there, summer time, plus it's hazy and too many dust in the air


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Nov 29, 2005
it is cold in himachal and ladakh. in fact the pass is still blocked by snow and will be opening later this month. temp stated for leh in june is 3-22C. Delhi is hot, but we are leaving straight from airport.


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Nov 29, 2005
flying next week... all 6 seats are taken. and looks like no further input here. so locking thread

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