asianxcursion - extreme sports event on 5th & 6th nov @ esplanade

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Mar 5, 2005
The PAYM Asian Xcursion Tournament will be the platform for probably the most intense competition in the island republic's Xtreme sports arena. Come soak in and be part of the adrenalin!

Witness competitors' battling for top place and top cash prize in Wakeboard (Xpression Session & Asian Wakeboard Pro Tour), Skateboard, Agressive Inline Skating, Breakdancing and Flatland BMX.

Participating countries will involve Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Korea, Brunei, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Also, catch Singapore's very own A-list DJ KoFlow add in more street flavour with pioneer beat boxer Dharni on stage as they wild the crowd!

Date of event
5th & 6th Nov at the Marina Promenade (along Esplanade)

How to get there?

Details and timing of events

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