As a digicam , A40 rules.

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Jan 9, 2003
East Singapore
I'm have been a proud owner of a Canon A40 for 7-8 mths already. I'm consistently happy with what I see on the screen.
I've been through your stage before, looking through reviews after reviews and still undecided. The Canon has the best colour renditioning in its class. The white balance is superb and it does very very well in tricky lighting conditions ( i.e. Night shots , very yellow lighting ). The optics are brilliant, though I had wished it to be a tad sharper. I bought the Canon A40 because .........

1) Its excellent reviews

2) Its manual mode. Can set shutter speed manually from 1/1500-15seconds (15 seconds is remarkable for a camera in this price). Most higher end cameras only can go up to 8s, and cameras in this class ... only up to 4s MAX. The Sony DSC-P31 and the new Fuji can go up to 1/4 s only ! Aperture can be set independently also.. F2.8-F8.

3) Huge array of functions found in pro cams .. like , ISO can be selected, Spot metering, 2.5 fps burst mode, above average processing speeds ( start up, photo - photo time )

3) Super accurate colours

You'll get pissed with very red or very blue nightshots with Fuji and Nikon.

4) Good battery life

Goes through 3 64mb cards per charge on 1800mah GP batts, plus they are super cheap.

5) Can be used with filters if you purchase the adapter.

6) Low price....

7) Above all, its a CANON.

Things I hate.........

1) Slow focusing in poor lighting condition ( something Nikon does better )

2) Macro mode not close enough

THats about it.

Without a doubt, the A40 is one of the best 2.1mp in its class, but if you can go for 3mp and abv ........ 2.1mp will not give u photo quality 4R photolab prints.

Go to to see the brilliant quality of this camera

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