Artistic Nude Photography( starts on 9 Nov 2006)

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Jan 3, 2005
Dear all,

We are starting a new batch of Artistic Nude Photography on 9 Nov 2006.

The details as follows:

Nov 9 (Thur):7.30pm
Nov 12(Sun): 9-12pm
Nov 16(Thur): 7.30-9.30pm


Artistic nude photography has always been one of the most popular branches of photography, a specialization that requires great effort in its study. This 3 lessons workshop is meant to equip the students with the knowledge and assist them in their initial step into the realm of artistic nude photography. This workshop consists of a small class population to enable the students to have more chances to interact with the instructor and model. The workshop fees include the hiring of the models for the practical session.

Duration : 3 sessions, approximately 2 hours per session
Course Fee : S$300 (member), S$400 (non-member). Fee inclusive of model charges
Language : English
Pre-requisite : Basic Photography Course
Instructor : Steven Yee Pui Chung

Lesson 1 (Steven Yee):
History of nude photography
Difference between glamour and nude photography
Difference between nude and pornography
Equipment needed
The importance of the concept and set-up
The props and dress
Lighting effect
Common filters
Model release
Location (indoor and outdoor)
Communicating with the model and ethics

Lesson 2 (Steven Yee and Edward Cheong):
Basic indoor studio lighting setup
Practical with a model in lingerie and artistic nude poses

Lesson 3 (Steven Yee):
Photo critique, editing and finishing
Creative usage of images

Students are required to submit 6 photographs of 8R or super 8R size taken during the sessions for assessment. A workshop certificate will be given to successful submission

Minimum 4 students to start the class. Maximum 6 students per class.

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