Art Nude Workshop by Experience Nude Model for Models

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Jan 13, 2008

We all know Art Nude as one way of showing the body in its natural form but not many understand the difference between a sexual and non-sexual nude image. For as far back as history has been recorded the human body has been a place of passion, love, inspiration and above all a temple of the most beautiful art form of all – the art of life. In this workshop my photographer & I will help you learn all you need to know about this captivating Photography so that photographers may be confidant guiding/working with models who would like to do nudes but have no experience and for models so they will have all confidence & love for their bodies needed to pursue their passion of art nude …

“We were born with only our skin as clothing & we shall go the same way… so why not be liberated this way during our lives?”

Two separate classes will be held, one for the photographers & one for the models

Speaker: Vanessa Wooley
Date and Time: Sat. 12 Apr (2pm to 6pm)
Cost: $150 per pax
To enrol: PM me


To help give participants knowledge of Art Nude in its entirety

About the Speaker
Vanessa has being a successful model for many years, evidence from her list of MNCs and brand name that she had represented. Her experience and dedication in Art Nude in particular, can be seen from her works and collaborations with photographers from all over the globe. You can visit her mm page at

Workshop Outline

Oral Introduction

Basic Art nude History & The change from art nude to sexually explicit images
The thin line between Art Nude & Glamour
Basic Art nude poses for men & woman & the difference between the two
How to do location work (outdoors, underwater, etc.)
Music & Dance incorporated into poses
How to incorporate props
How to get over the fear of being naked in front of people
The Do’s & Dont’s of Art Nude and modelling in general

Extra Topics

Is there an age limit to Art Nude?
Where is the money in Art Nude?

Practical Work

Basic Makeup guidance
Basic Hair Style guidance
Students are to model for Photographer for a stipulated amount of time each (will be given a set of images to start personal port)
Guidance with poses will be given
Images will be then loaded onto Laptop to be critiqued by model and photographer


Must be 18 years of age and older
Both genders accepted
Must bring own makeup (com with clean face)
Robe or nightgown

Note: Models participant who do not wish to take part in the practical portion may do so.

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