Art Carnival cum 3D Hadoken Photo competition @Begonia Terrace, Downtown East.


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Dec 15, 2011
Calling All Cosplay and Photographer

There will be Art Carnival cum 3D Hadoken Photo competition ( Installation Floor Art by artist Ben Qwek at Begonia Terrace, Downtown East).

The Public and Cosplay community to come and dress up (there will be costume rental booths), interact and pose as the martial arts characters in the 3D Floor Art - so it will look something like this ( ) with Ben's 3D on the ground.

For Cosplayers and Photographers will pair them together. They are to present their best shot within 3 tries, judging according to the following criteria: Costumes, Creativity in Poses, Photography skill (bringing out the 3D element and ability in capturing the jumpshots and action).

No fees involve and no terms and conditions, for those who are interested, please approach the Canon booth to register on the spot on first come first serve basis.

The prizes for the best shot :
1st place: SGD100 worth of premiums (per participant)
2nd place: SGD50-80 worth of premiums (per participant)
3rd place: SGD20-30 worth of premiums (per participant)

Mark your Calendar now ::bsmilie:
Date : 29th December 2013 (Sunday)
Time : 2pm – 5pm
Venue: Begonia Terrace, Downtown East.

*ps : There will be filming for this Event as episode of "My HeART land Carnival” for TV programme.

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