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Nov 3, 2004
galaxy far far away
was feeling kinda bored at home after getting home from work (yes i finally got a job) its been quite a while since i took my camera for a little "excercise" which i think i'll do thise coming weekend. but for now, im giving it a tour round the house first as a "warm up"

(actually i was juz routinely taking it out of its hibernation from dry cabi to cure some itchy trigger fingers, which blossomed into these "around the house" theme)

1. oldest fisheye lens that i owned but never actually thot of............

2. esplanade wannabe.............

3. banana split (actually a fridge magnet literally split in half)

4. rough..............

5. the world seen through the bottom of a glass.........
(i noticed a formation of condensation which i thot resembled some kinda map of a world).

thats all for now, thanks for viewing
(i use waaaaaaaaay too much brackets)

Not open for further replies.