-Are You Photogenic?- (Providing Portraits/Event/Wedding/etc Photography Service)


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May 4, 2010
Website: http://areyouphotogenic.net/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/areyouphotogenic (Do like and support my page if you like my photos)

Simple portfolio of the following:
Events http://specevents.tumblr.com/
Portraits http://specp.tumblr.com/

Providing Portraits/Event/Wedding/etc Photography Service

Easily contactable @ me@areyouphotogenic.net or magnadel@hotmail.com
Text me @ 90113604

Name is Delconi, 24 this year.



Able to and experience in providing the following Photography Services:
- Wedding (Morning/ROM/Dinner)
- Blogshop (Models/Products) *Studio equipments available*
- Modelling Portfolio (Studio/Outdoor)
- Events (Celebration/Activities/Outings)
- Interior/Exterior (Buildings/Room/Office)
- Press Conference *For Reporters who needs a photographer*

New to the following and hoping to get a chance to try (Guidance will be appreciated)
- Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot
- Baby's 1st Month Celebration
- In Water Related Shoot (Modelling/etc)


Photography Experiences

Photographer For The Following Events
-DMIT trip to the Sentosa 2009
-DMIT trip to the Zoo 2009
-DMIT Annual General Meeting 2009
-DMIT Talent time 2009
-Birthday Party/Chalet/BBQ Celebration
-National Software Competition 2009
-DIT Bonding Day 2009
-Gamers Meet 3 2009
-One World Day 2009
-DMIT Fiesta 2009
-DMIT Flag Day 2009
-Freshmen Orientation Workshop 2009
-Heat Of Shuttle II 2009
-SP Graduation Dinner And Dance 2010
-DMIT Alumni Gathering 2010
-DMIT Freshmen Orientation Camp 10/11
-DMIT Annual General Meeting 2010
-Press Conference Of Afterschool, F.CUZ, SuG, LM.C (J/K Pop) 2010
-History Comes Alive 2010
-DMIT Talent time 2010
-One World Day 2010
-Nostalgic Night OF The Oldies 2010
-Jessica 21st Birthday @ Carosuel
-Christmas Celebration 2011
-Toa Payoh Countdown 2011
-DMIT Freshmen Orientation Workshop 2011
-Shu Lin’s 21st Birthday Celebration
-Jun Ming’s 19th Birthday Celebration
-Alvin’s 21st Birthday Celebration @ Carosuel
-SAF Specialist Cadet School C2D
-DMIT Freshmen Orientation Camp 12/13
-Simoun’s 21st Birthday Celebration
-6SIR 14th Mono POP
-Various 6SIR Mission

Photographer For The Following Groups/Models
-www.miss-phyllis.com , Blogshop Photoshoot, @Pixal Culture Studio
-Wan ting and Jun hao, Modeling Photoshoot, @ Marine Barrage
-Vocaloid Group, Cosplay Photoshoot , @ Marina Barrage
-Ahh-pat & Kazu, Cosplay Photoshoot, @ Clarke Quay
-Luna, Cosplay Photoshoot, @ Republic Polytechnic
-Carrie Lee, Casual Photoshoot, @ Marine Barrage
-Mika, Fashion Photoshoot, @ Alley
-Mika, Fashion Photoshoot, @ Etude House (Plaza Sing)
-Phelia & Janielson, Casual Photoshoot, @Indoor Mini Studio (My House)
-Ahh-pat, Cosplay Photoshoot, @ Raffles Place
-Shi Cheng, Cosplay Photoshoot, @ National Museum
-Magnum Force Cheerleaders, Group Photoshoot, @ Marina Barrage
-Mika, Fashion Photoshoot, @ Marina Mandarin Hotel
-Evangeline & Kiyomi, Fashion Photoshoot, @ Haji Lane
-Yang, Cosplay Photoshoot, @ China Town
-Petrine & Syafiq, Casual Photoshoot, @ Under HDB Block
-Mav, Cosplay Photoshoot, @ Somerset Skate Park
-Elenea, Casual Photoshoot, @ Fort Canning Park
-Jess, Casual Photoshoot, @ Punggol & Bouna Vista Railway Track
-Jess & Friends, Studio Photoshoot, @ Own Studio
-Jess, Casual Photoshoot, @ Yishun

Photographer For The Following Groups
-Rainin’ Stone, Music Album Photoshoot, @ Queenstown

Photographer For The Following Wedding
-Andrew & Cecilia, Morning + Scenery + Dinner
-XiaoShen & Dawn, Morning + Dinner
-Marvin Ong & Bai Mei Mei, Dinner

Photographer For The Following Unit/Company


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