Arabian Night

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Apr 28, 2003
Did a search on Arabian Night, came up with nothing so I assume no one has announced this yet, although it started last weekend. Do post your photos

Date: 9 Sept - 30 Sept, Every Saturday
Time : 6:30pm - 10:30pm
Venue : Cool Deck, Siloso Beach
Admission : Free*

This was the schedule last Saturday, don't have next Saturday's. just to give you an idea... and timing.

The Programme Line-up for 9th Sept :

6.30PM – 6.45PM Introductory Dance
6.45PM – 7.15PM Belly Dance Introductory Workshop
7.15PM – 7.45PM Jamming and Free Style
7.45PM – 8.15PM Belly Dance Performance
8.15PM – 8.45PM Jamming and Free Style
8.45PM – 9.15PM Bollywood Dance Performance
9.15PM – 9.35PM Introductory Workshop for Bollywood
9.35PM – 10.00PM Jamming and Free Style
10.00PM – 10.30PM Fusion Dance Performance

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