Aputure Wireless Timer Remote Control Pro Coworker II review

Sep 11, 2005
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Aputure Wireless Timer Remote Control Pro Coworker II for Nikon D800E D800 D700
Aputure Wireless Timer Remote Control Pro Coworker II for Nikon D800E D800 D700 | eBay

I was hard-pressed to find a review on this remote so I decided to write one. Hope this will help people looking to get a remote for the higher end cameras like >D300.

I was looking for a remote that is:
1) Wireless
2) Has a timer feature to circumvent Nikon's 30 sec shutter limit.
3) Receiver that attaches to the camera without the use of a cable. (Less hassle)
4) Does not use the camera's flash hotshoe so that I can use in body flash trigger.
5) Use only AAA Batteries
6) Can be used as a remote flash trigger as well if desired.

I am sure there are probably remotes that fulfill these features and more, but they are probably gonna be expensive, so I decided to make do with what i could find.
The RFN-4s by SMDV would satisfy 1,3,4,5, but it is pricey at about 70+usd.
Aputure's one satisfies 1,2,3,4, and cost about 50+usd. that's reasonable for me, and i can live with using CR2 batts and I will use inbuilt trigger most of the time anyway, so this works for me.

Reasonably nice box. Comes with instruction manual, transmitter, receiver, 2xAAA and 1 x CR2
The build of the remote is quite plasticky, feels like it will break apart if you drop it so word of caution, be very careful when using it. In fact, the 10 pin connector on the receiver feels very fragile so try not to move it around too much. The transmitter uses 2 AAA and has an LED screen to show you the mode. -Clock -Shutter release -Timer. It come with a cloth band like contraption (Think wii) to prevent the transmitter from dropping.
Comes with a 10-pin wire that can attach the transmitter to the camera, bypassing the receiver. When using wire trigger, you may want to loop the band around the pop-up flash for added security.

On/Off switch on the receiver works as expected. Transmitter does not have a power switch. Either leave it in clock mode or remove the battery.
The transmitter needs to be synced to the receiver before they will work. Press the set buttons and read the manual
Clock mode shows a clock.
Shutter release mode let you trigger the camera shutter based on the settings on the camera. Hold the black button on the transmitter to activate the shutter. If the cam is in bulb mode, pressing the button for more than 3 seconds will trigger bulb mode on the transmitter along with a timer. It has half and full presses
Timer mode lets you set delay at the start, the length that the shutter stays open, the number of shots to be taken automatically at each interval, and the length of each exposure. The arrow buttons are quite responsive, but depending on the function you are trying to change, it may be a slight chore to navigate around.
Working distance is about 100m. Have not tested it, but no problems at my usual working distances so far.
By using the optional wire, you can also turn the transmitter into a wired flash trigger.

Its a nifty little device that performs exactly as described. No frills.
For people who are used to the IR remote for the lower end cameras, this one does that and more, but at a higher price.

Feel free to PM me for more info.

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