LR Tips App Recalls What Using a Typewriter Was Really Like


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Sep 27, 2006
A while back, I wrote about an iPad app that simulated the awesomeness that was typing on a typewriter, transporting me back to junior high typing class. But I’ve come to realize my affection for these machines was tainted with nostalgia as seen through glasses sporting Pantone 213-tinted lenses. Typewriters—in comparison to today’s sleek keyboards and touch devices—were awful, maddening instruments of sloth-like work efficiency. And now there is a web application that tells it like it is. Or was. The OverType typewriter app introduces many of the little infuriating nuances (did Smith Corona tout them as features?) that using a manual typewriter presented. I won’t complain about my old ergonomic split keyboard’s odd behavior ever again! Launching the site, you are presented with nothing more than a blank piece of virtual paper and a slight red line to indicate where the “keys” will strike as you type. Start typing and you will immediately notice that each keystroke has to be distinct and separate, no sliding gracefully from one key to the next. In the old days, striking two keys simultaneously would jam the hammers, requiring you to manually separate them. While the developer is hoping to add this “feature” in [...]
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