aperture ring adapter for nikon G lens?

Sep 4, 2010
Hi all.

I've been pondering about this for a quite a while. The newer generation Nikon G lens doesn't come with an aperture ring unlike the older AFD versions. Aperture is electronically set from the camera itself, so when its mounted on older film camera without the ability to set the aperture from the body, the aperture used will be the smallest.

I'm wondering, is there any viable options to go around this obstacle? I know there are adapters to adapt to other camera systems and quite a few are manual focus only. I don't mind manual focus since it IS an old film camera, lol:bsmilie: But I don't think adapting to other systems and then back adapt to nikon system sounds good :sweat: (and i think there might be vignetting issues since there is a longer extension between the lens mount and the camera mount?)

Any seniors got any good advice? I'm using an FE2 btw. Light metering wise shouldn't be a problem.....i think......:sweat:


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Feb 21, 2005
Dun really think so. The aperture lever is a narrow thin blade, and the difference between the aperture sizes is pretty minute, so if anyone does try to create an adapter, the controls needs to be pretty precise. There is one alternative though, tape up the lever to wide open and just shoot wide open. :bsmilie:


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Sep 27, 2004
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#1, anything goes between a Nikon mount lens and a Nikon camera body will make the lens unable to focus at infinity.

#2, the cost may not justifiable, like cost more than a used Ai lens.

#3, if there is any adapter available, you can't use it with any DX lenses too.

suggestion, just get some Ai lenses for your FE2 or get a newer film body able to use G lenses (non DX lenses).

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