APAWII featuring Billy Mork

Welcome to APAW II! This year we will have 6 themes spread over the year. Each theme will be opened by a guest speaker who will share what his interpretations for the theme are during the first week of the opening month.

After 8 weeks we will have a joint sharing session where the guest speaker will come down to talk more about the theme and we will invite YOU to come down and share with your interpretations of the themes. For those of you who wish to get critiqued, our guest speaker will then share his thoughts on your photos.

At the end of each night we will hold a small lucky draw for all attendee's.

We will also invite everyone who submits down to the bi-monthly gathering to be held during the last week of April. Submissions will be accepted up till 20th April 2014 @2359!

To encourage continuous participation, people who are able to submit consistently for all 6 themes will be entered into a grand draw at years end and stand a chance to win up to $1000 worth of prizes.

So get out those cameras and start submitting! Details after the image.


Terms and conditions:

Feel free to share, like and tag the photos. Open critique is encouraged but please keep things civil and constructive :)

A few formalities to note, by sending your photo in for APAW, you agree to the following:

Copyrights And Licensing

1. Participant must own the sole rights to the pictures submitted.

2. Images that have been used for commercial purposes will not be eligible for entry.

3. The copyright of all photographs remains the property of the participant. However, CRC Group Pte Ltd reserves the right to reproduce selected entries for future publications, exhibitions or publicity materials related to “A Photo A Week” without remuneration. Due acknowledgement will be given to the participant.

Submission guidelines

1. Each participant is allowed to submit two entries per theme
2. Photographs may be in colour or black & white.
3. Image enhancement is allowed however there must not be any significant removal or addition of elements in the image.
4. Watermarks are allowed but they should not affect the composition or be overly distracting.
5. All photographs should be submitted in JPEG format with a minimum resolution of 900 pixels on the longer side.
6. Photographs must be taken within the two months that the theme is announced.
7. All entries shall be submitted via email to APAW@camerarental.biz with [Theme] as the subject header by 2359h on Second last Sunday of the Month (unless otherwise stated).

With the following details:
Omission of details nay result in disqualification of submission

8. Late submissions will not be eligible.
9. Participants interested to attend the monthly review session should RSVP by the stipulated deadline for the theme.
10. Submission dateline: 20th APRIL 2014

To see existing submissions visti the facebook page at APAW II - Movement Through Long Exposure

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