Anyone use the Lowepro x100?

Jan 5, 2012
I'm thinking of getting a lowepro x100 as carry on luggage. On Changi airport's website, I see that the carry on weight limit is 7kg, and the width+height+depth cannot be more than 115cm.
The lowepro x100 is exactly 115cm, so it seems that the x200 is out of the question. I will be carrying a Nex 5n and Nex 7, 18-200, 18-55, 16mm, 30mm, 50mm lenses, and one or two flashes, plus a small tripod.

Anyone have any experience using this bag for air travel? Any comments will be appreciated.


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Oct 6, 2011

i travel with my lowpro x100 with air asia, garuda, sriwijaya, lion air (ect )
and i didnt got any truble regarding this bag...

and i think the lowpro x100 is some how on a small side comparing to some average carry on.
thx x200 is not much bigger but on the safe side dont carry this one.
it might be heavier then 7kg after u pack everything.....but that's depend on what u packed.
there was one time i carry the x100 on board with more then 18kg tottal weight ( i carry 2 body 70-200 and few other lenses)
but my tips act cool and act its light......
and dont carry ur tripod outside the bag try to pack everything inside.

the good think about the x100 u can unzip the main bag and become a backpack, so the worse case scenario u have to carry the main bag as a backpack and u have to checked the roller bag.

hope this help.


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Mar 22, 2012
I personally uses the x200 for traveling on both short and long distances flight. 3 bodies, 6 lenses and have no problem getting it on board even though it's over the weight limit.