Anyone playing Paintball here?? :)

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Is there Anyone playing Paint ball here?
Those with the Long Gun like AK-47 but the bullet is Paint liquid.

Would like to go out and play Terorrist and Counter terorrist.... hehe...
I heard that there was on SAFRA.
But not really sure about the cost and place.

Was thinking to go Johor Bahru if there got this Game, should be cheaper I guess.
Any CS member know or has been in this fun game? :)


Thanx again Ransoma! :)
and also scud, thanx for the link.

For the Paintball Senior, Mind If I ask sumthin?

Anyway for the night battle is it nicer than the Day battle?
or is it more difficult?

And, umm... For the playing field which one is more fun? crossfire or the TAG?
And in term of price I noticed that crossfire giving a cheaper rate per person compared to TAG. or issit otherwise?



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Nov 23, 2003
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me looking for kaki for paintball!;p anyone wanted to form a team and don't a old folk join in. let me know.:bsmilie:

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