Anyone heard of ARTFLAKES cooperation, Germany. ?


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Jun 27, 2008
western Singapore
hi all,
ive recently received an email from this company enquiring about my DAportfolio and would like to have some sort of partnership?
So Was wondering if anyone one of you have ever heard of this company?

i went over to take a look at their company's website and thought that its quite a legit company? (maybe you guys could help me)

Many thanks


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Jan 29, 2002
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Unless I miss my guess, they are mass mailing. If by some chance prints are sold, how do you know if any and how many. No one seems to have been told what is the cut the artist gets and no one seems to be able to say they got paid. Perhaps they are legit, perhaps they pay, perhaps you do have something some one will buy. In essence it is a lot like trying to do stock - the selling party has to be honest enough to pay you when they get sales. Point here is that they are dealing in prints a much more limited media.

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