Anyone had "Sim Card Rejected message" before

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Suddenly my mom's phone got this message. Tried with another sim card, no problem. Put the sim card onto another phone, no problem also. Put back the sim card onto the previous phone and still hit with the message. Anyone have any idea what is wrong ? :dunno:

majere2sg said:
The phone not pin locked, neither is the sim card.. coz sim card still can use on other phone.. and other sim card still can use on this phone...
Try cleaning the metal contacts of the SIM card with rubber eraser? Could be becos of dirt.


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Sep 9, 2003
yeap. mostly dirt issue. clean the contacts on phone and sim card. you can use isoproply alchohol

Thanks guys..
The sim card been used on the phone for almost 2 years, no problem until thursday.
The funny thing is that I can use another sim card on this phone, did not hit with sim card rejected. I tried the sim card on my phone, no problem.
And yesterday I just bought another phone, used this sim card on the new phone, no problem at all.

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