anyone been to tioman during monsoon season?

I was thinking of going away for a few days this xmas, everywhere is so ex and last min cant even get a room in genting! Well, thought of tioman, called berjaya tioman and it seems they are the only one open during this period. Even have COMPULSORY xmas eve dinner for all guest. Price is quite affordable too but problem is how to get there? and is it safe? Singapore's monsoon is somewhat non existent, I thought maybe tioman is similar?
Went to some travel agency and they smugly says tioman is closed till march not knowing that berjaya is still open so no one offers anything to me. :( thought of driving the ferry terminal then take a ferry there, but will there be ferry since 90% of tioman is close!! and I dont think i will feel safe leaving my car in mainland malaysia showing a singapore number plate! how to go!!


Aug 25, 2006
why don't you call the usual travel agencies to check, there is more than one travel agency...

Sep 12, 2009
Uh, not too sure about this, but i doubt 90% of tioman is CLOSED. I mean. The resorts are probably full for booking but I'm not sure they actually close for the monsoon season.

In any case, you can drive down to Tg Gemuk and take a ferry if you're interested.

you can fly to tioman via berjaya air from seletar airport. the landing strip is just beside the berjaya resort.

the sea route is closed because the waves are too big during the monsoon. it is definitely closed for the monsoon all the way till Feb or Mar next year.


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Dec 21, 2004
unless you want to experience huge wave and super strong wind.

An drew

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May 27, 2005
You can just call the ferry companies to check.

Parking in Mersing (fenced carpark near jetty) is quite safe, I have done that several times.

I was told by a Tioman guesthouse operator that in recent years, due to climate change, sometimes in the monsoon months, the weather is very calm. Just make sure you have a lifejacket in the ferry. Good luck.


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Sep 8, 2004
East of Singapore
Tioman IS CLOSED during the monsoon season. Best is to call your resort and ask them how to get there.

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