Any recommended software for viewing pics on PDA?

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Jun 18, 2003
Singapore, Bedok
Does anyone here use their PDAs to store and view pictures? Which software have you tried?

i'm using a Palm T3. It comes with a photo viewing program. However it has the following limitations:

- unable to view larger jpegs at 100%.

- unable to organise pics on the SD card into directories/albums. (One 256SD card can hold 5000-10000 pictures... it needs to be grouped.)

- unable to create more than 15 'albums'.

- unable to colour correct (calibrate) the LCD.

- unable to view RAW files.

Most of the commercial viewers can handle the first 3 issues, but i've yet come across any PalmOS viewer that can resolve the last 2.

Recommendations, anyone? TIA.

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