Any recommended places to visit and for photography in Middle East?

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Apr 23, 2005
Hi guys...I am going over to Abu Dhabi for a course next week and will be there 4 a month. Will have 3 full weekends to try and get around and possibly stay on after the course for a few more days if I want. Right now, am trying to figure out what places to visit and shoot...I can leave on a friday night and come back on sunday...

1st weekend plan to go to Dubai. Any less touristy places to visit and shoot?

For the other 2 weekends, actually I been thronging Lonely Planet thorntree forum, virtualtourist and pbase galleries, these places came up...

1. Petra in Jordan, anyone remembers Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and the temple carved into the cliff? Yes thats the one but Air Jordianian airlines doesnt have good timings for me to leave on friday night. Does anyone have recommendations for other airlines?

2. Yemen. Really wanted to go to Sanaa old town which is really beautiful especially at night. But there been recent kidnappings and I have to check with my company first if they will allow me to go there.

3. Oman. Oman is really near to Abu Dhabi and tot of going to Muscat the capital. Other than the old fortress up at the hills and the trip to the dolphin center not sure if there are other interesting and beautiful places to go.

Anyone been to good places in Middle East and have any recommended places to visit and for photographyy? Please feel free to throw in your suggestions thank you. :)


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May 22, 2006
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Sorry, can't help you much on these three places, but maybe I can throw in another suggestion...

In case you haven't been to Egypt, maybe you can go to Cairo during a weekend, to see the Pyramids and Sphinx etc.

Petra in Jordan is one of the 7 wonders.

I haven't been to the Middle East. Been hoping for a business trip, which hasn't materialized so far :bsmilie:

Good luck for your trip and do share photos with us when you are back.

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