Any nice Podcasting recommendation?

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Oct 16, 2004
As title. For my Ipod. :)

Piper said:
As title. For my Ipod. :)

Ya...there are quite a few good ones that I following pretty regularily an alternative to listen to music on the Train or when I at the office. I don tlisten to any of the local ones though if that is what you are looking for.

My favorite :

TWIT (This week in Tech) One of the best tech podcast talk show out there and usually the number one show on podcast. Featuring one of my favorite tech writer at PC MAG, John C Dvorak.

The others that might be of interest are: (note that some are sponsored podcast so it can carry some teaser and would ask you buy their book or something but the underlinging stuff still can throw you some good ideas and concepts)

1) The Cranky Middle Manager ( Management stuff and abit on IT)
2) Killer Innovations
3) Engadget ( geeky gadget stuff )
4) PC Gamer Podcast ( quite new from PC Gamer magaine )
5) Security Now ( IT security stuff)
6) Diggnation ( Tech stuff about Mac and PC...good mix)
7) ITC Marketing ( about marketing ..of course )
8) NPR SOngs ( good for those interested to discover new bands or singers )

There are few more but this should get you going. Also alot of choice depends very much on what you like. Go to iTunes and try some of them. Some can be quite a long download due to the shows running as long as 60-90minutes.

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