Any good Feng Shui master to recommend?


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Apr 21, 2004
To each his own, some may believe but others may not.
Just want to know if anybody in this forum believes in feng shui and has a good feng shui master to recommend?


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Nov 22, 2010
Yew Tee
For this actually can go website or even youtube got some master teach u wat to do and what not to .. my uncle normally go china or thailand for this stuff .. for me, i will put a sensor that detect magnetic field with my flash and camera setting up in certain parts of the house and if the sensor sense HIGH magnetic field ( normally shd be ghost, human don reli have magnetic field ) then it will trigger and flash until ghost ( normally chinese refer it to 'bad things/luck" ) run away ..


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Feb 24, 2005
Don't get this creep.

Not everyone who believes deeply in feng shui dares to admit it in public. Someone may publicly insist that they don't believe in such "superstition" but quietly, secretly consult feng shui master. They may be afraid that once it is known, others can find ways to break their feng shui and affect their luck. Politicians and businessmen are very afraid of this.

Most people who do business in Asia and who are rich enough to possess their own buildings, will consult feng shui, just to play safe.
When you stand a chance to make - or lose - hundreds of millions of dollars, you don't take chances.

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Feb 16, 2005
You can try those listed under mastery academy. Of course if you engage the boss, Joey Yap it is extremely expensive but those under him should be cheaper. I went to KL and study 8 mansion module 1 & 2. Not into practicing as master but more for self knowledge so can avoid bad fengshui.

I ever experience chaotic magnetic field before, followed a friend to a building in robertson quay and see myself how the luopan needle goes crazy when we walk from one end to another. The location iself is no good (wrong side of the river bend) and having a tunnel nearby.
I personally ever detected a flat in Parc Oasis when accompanying a friend who want to rent a flat there, where the luopan needle also goes crazy but not as bad a what I have seen in above case. When I was there also I got headache so much until I forgot my umbrella and my singapore map book there.

This was in 2001.

Of course when you apply flying star (xuan gong) then at some time these place can be good, so go ahead and rent during these time. I am more into 8 mansion cos this is more applicable if you want to be there for a long time (may be to buy - or sign a long lease like 10 yrs). Also it is in good english. The rest I cannot tahan cos the master keep referring to chinese and mine is hen ji tan, my head spinning on the language rather than trying to understand the concept.

I like the material done by Joey Yap cos it is more on the location and position rather than buying crystals, mirrors, statues and pots and digging ponds and making small hill on the garden. Plus the approach is more scientific (with less religious undertones). Also it is in english so I get to understand the concept better. My chinese is hen ji tan. :p

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