Another Victim to same Dishonest & UnProfessional Plumber from Classified

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Hi Folks

I happened to find the following threads from this forum when I was trying see who has fallen victim to bad plumber service from the Straits Times Classified Ad so that I can learn from others about how to better deal with this kind of bad service personnel in future.

To my horror surprise, it is the same plumbing service company that I experienced just yesterday. I have never used any such classified service in the past as I was always refered to suppliers and service providers by friends and has been serviced well till yesterday.:angry:

The interesting thing here is that this same company has been in operation since 2005 if I read the above threads correctly. That means, there may be many other unwary consumers fallen victims to the same provider. No wonder the service personnel was very boorish and arrogant and even refused to leave till his unreasonable charge is paid. Furthermore, he refused to issue any receipt even after I paid him.

Has called CASE and unfortunately there is currently no regulation over such contractors and they advised that most of such providers are flying in the night types; so be careful in future.

I take it as a lesson learned and hopefully someone out there may be more wary of such classified service ads in future.


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Jan 6, 2009
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