Another Starwars 501st Legion Singapore Charity Event

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Mar 28, 2004
18th May(Friday) 1600-1800hrs
Location: Junction 8 Bishan Shopping Centre, Level 3.
Daphne Khoo from Singapore Idol will be hosting this indoor fun-fair.
We will be posing at a photo booth for them, with the cash raised donated to the fund. There will be a rotation for the troopers and those not at the photo booth can mingle around with the kids when not on a break. There's expected to be anywhere between 400-800 kids throughout the entire event, not to mention their parents.
Details still being worked out.

19th May(Saturday) 1930hrs onwards
Location: Fluid Bar and Lounge at Far East Square
It will be a fund raising party! There will be female head-shaving, followed by a charity auction. Guests will be able to make cash donations on the spot as well. This event will be captured on Live Web-broadcast.
Troopers here will mostly be miggling with the crowds and crowd pulling from outside.


see u guys there!

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