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1.I had taken some pics at the zoo, nearly one roll, I had used aperture 5.6 most of the time and had used built in flash as what was taught to lit up the eyes. But the problem is when I look in the view finder, it looks clear but after developing most of the pics turn out to be clear but not so sharp and s0me slight blur-why is that so? Could it be due to the sunshine in addition to the flash which caused the pics not so sharp?
I had used 300mm lens with tripod
all the time and did not use lens hood and asa 400 kodak. Where does the problem lies? What
Will you all suggest for my next practice session for zoo?
-to use program mode with flash or juz aperture priority? If aperture priority-what f stop will u all suggest?Please advise.
(According to one of the instructors, he said most likely is not focused but I don't think so) another instructor said might be due to lighting-maybe so- I think so.)

2.I had checked my camera, pentax mz 7 shows only muliti (6) segment metering, does it mean it doesn not have the other kinds of metering system -like centre weighted or spot? If anyone had please tell me...thanks.

3. Is it for flowers or insects closeup have to use lens with the word macro?

4. Let say want to take people but want to have the soft and blur effect, I had checked with Cathay, the sales rep. said to buy diffused that so? Or other soft filters, please advise.

Thanks very much if anyone can answer my questions.

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