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May 11, 2005
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hi there,

could anyone advice me on the angle viewer. when you fixed it onto your camera, does it provide you the full view of your camera view finder or just part of it? btw which model/price is your angle viewer and where can i get it?

thanks for any replies.

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Jan 11, 2007
At 1x, it should provide about or close to 100% of your viewfinder image. At 1.5X or 2X and above, it provides only an image of the central portion of your viewfinder, the purpose usually being for more critical/accurate manual focus/focus checking.

Most folks use the China made products that are roughly about $100. The quality is fair and does the job for general applications/short period use. Because the optical quality is a bit on the lower side, any critical high magnification work can only be sustained for short periods before your eyes get tired.

High-quality, brand manufacturer angle finders are anywhere from 200% - 400% more costly, but usually, the optical quality is on par with the rest of the optical system, and can be a joy to use for longer periods/more critical work. In some cases, it's a necessity.

Hope this helps some.

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